Ecu Soft Service




400 TND(TTC)
  • Generation FSC codes
  • – CIC HIGH Premium
  • – CIC – MID Move
  • – HU-Champ Motion
  • – NBT Next
  • Avalable function
  • – generate from file
  • – read/write FSC file from car
  • – all contries
  • – E-series and F-series
  • – updates available
  • Software supplied with the USB-dongle.
Ecu Soft Service

Ecu Soft Service is professional software for removing (disabling in ECU firmware package) such systems as DPF, FAP, EGR, AGR, VSA, TVA, EVAP, LAMBDA, CAT, IMMO as well as for removing DTC errors.

The software is marketed on a module basis (one module — one brand). It contains build-in tooltips on necessary additional actions when disabling some systems (e.g. required disabling of EGT and DP sensors when disabling DPF). Due to its high quality dump processing the ESS is used by professionals who are capable of developing solutions of system disabling themselves as ESS allows to do it fast and with guarantee.

Ecu Soft Service Key Functions:

  • Defining the software version of an uploaded file;
  • Disabling systems available for the given software/ECU type in the software package;
  • Search for errors by DTC code and their removal from error masks;
  • Internet updates;
  • Possible sending of unsupported dump files to the technical support directly from the program interface.

ESS Advantages:

  • Support of more than 25 vehicle brands, hundreds of models, thousands of software versions;
  • The software updates regularly, new dumps are added every day;
  • All solutions of system disabling are found manually and checked on real cars.